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Sparkle with Beauty Signature Scalp Massage (30 mins) 





Scalp massage therapy is possibly one of the most relaxing treatments in the world. We carry so much tension in our neck and head. Having a little relief by massaging those areas is heaven on earth, Feel the stress melt away whilst a hair conditioning oil is applied.

Whilst having the frangipani oil soak into the scalp our therapist will release any tension around the neck and decollate with our Elemis massage techniques, and draining away any lymph drainage across the face.


Sparkle with Beauty Signature Massage

From £60.00

Focusing to relieve specific stress and muscle tension, this rhythmic pressure massage gives the whole body a vigorous work out. Combined with specially blended massage oils, this treatment can be tailor made to suit the individual needs of the client.

Elemis Deep Tissue Massage

from £60.00




Your therapist will select an aromatic oil according to your concerns, be they muscle pain, stress relief, relaxation or balance. The flowing massage works deeper into the tension, encouraging optimum circulation. This is a vigorous workout for the body, perfect to alleviate high stress levels. Tailored entirely to your needs, it leaves you feeling grounded and focused. The flowing massage works deeper and deeper into the tension, encouraging optimum circulation.

Elemis Deeper Than Deep Hot Stone Massage

from £60.00

Nothing gets into the belly of the muscle like a hot stone. Bathed in the intensely moisturising frangipani monoi body oil, a curated range of Balinese stones are selected to address exactly what you need. They are worked over the body, deep into the muscles, getting into areas of tension at a profound level, persuading the muscles to release their trapped energy. Leaving your skin feeling highly moisturised and nourished.

6for5 offer.png
Elemis Body

Elemis Face and Body

from £89.00




The perfect introduction to Elemis. This is a dynamic approach to top-to-toe couture care. Choose your own combination of facial and body massage or let your Elemis Elite
Therapist personally prescribe the perfect treatment to work with your skin, your mood and your needs.

Couture Touch

Enjoy our No 1 treatment. The ultimate introduction to Elemis therapies. Condition your skin and condition your muscles with this all-embracing hands-on experience. This bestselling treatment combines your choice of Elemis 60 minute hot stones, relaxing or deep tissue massage with an intensive Elemis 60 min facial of your choice.


The Elemis 2-hour Couture Touch treatment is a luxurious and indulgent spa experience that promises to leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and truly pampered. Designed to cater to your specific needs and preferences, this bespoke treatment is tailored to deliver a personalized and unforgettable journey of ultimate wellness.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by highly skilled and experienced therapists who will take the time to understand your unique requirements, ensuring that every aspect of the treatment is customized to meet your desires. The journey begins with a thorough consultation, during which the therapist will discuss your skincare concerns, preferences, and any specific areas of focus.

The treatment includes a series of carefully chosen and expertly combined therapies, designed to nourish your skin, release tension, and promote overall well-being. It may involve a combination of exfoliation, deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy, facial treatments, and more. The therapists will utilize a range of luxurious Elemis products, known for their exceptional quality and efficacy, to deliver impressive results.

As the treatment progresses, you will experience a blissful combination of scents, textures, and techniques, all aimed at creating a sense of holistic harmony. Every touch is gentle, yet purposeful, as the therapists expertly work their magic to ease muscle tension, promote circulation, and restore balance. The luxurious aromas of the Elemis products will surround you, transporting you to a state of deep relaxation.

The highlight of the Couture Touch treatment is the personalized facial, which is tailored to address your individual skin concerns. Whether you are looking to rejuvenate, hydrate, or combat signs of aging, the therapist will adapt the facial treatments to deliver optimal results. They will use a combination of cleansing, toning, and nourishing techniques, combined with specialized masks and serums, to leave your skin looking radiant, revitalized, and youthful.

Throughout the two-hour journey, you will feel completely cocooned in comfort and care. Soft music playing in the background, soothing lighting, and a tranquil ambiance will further enhance your relaxation. The therapists' gentle touch and their attention to detail will make you feel truly pampered, ensuring that every moment of the treatment is an unforgettable experience.

After the Couture Touch treatment, you will emerge feeling renewed, refreshed, and deeply rejuvenated. Your skin will glow with a newfound radiance, and any tension or stress will have melted away. The effects of this indulgent spa experience will linger long after your visit, reminding you


Elemis Body Treatments

Cleansing mineral salts, oil blends rich in actives and transportive aromatics are combined with an unparalleled level of expertise in massage and conditioning. For healthy revitalised skin and deeply eased muscles.

Hot Mineral Body Boost 


This powerful treatment stimulates every cell in the body helping alleviate muscular pain and remove toxins. The heated minerals are a catalyst to warm and deeply relax the body, perfectly prepping for the nourishing amber balm while the mind is whisked off to invigorating shores with the aromatic ocean spa.

Garden of England Rose Restore

from  £86.00

Take a walk in an English rose garden with this lavishly hydrating body massage and micro-wrap. The unique trio of Rose, Camelina and Poppy seed oils maintain and restore elasticity, whilst encouraging skin renewal. The skin is anointed with nourishing oils whilst a nurturing Rose balm and bespoke massage comfort the skin and ground the spirit. Skin is left exquisitely moisturised, intensely supple and deliciously scented.

Body Nectar Nourishing Wrap


Choose from either the Sweet Orchid or Frangipani Fragrance. This lusciously fragrant, intensely moisturising body wrap will transport you to the Far East. The velvety texture of the Monoi oil offers super-hydration quenching a thirsty skin. The aromatic oil is applied using sweeping strokes with maximum attention paid to any particularly parched areas. You are kept cocooned and warmed while the mood-balancing aromatics and skin conditioning oils do their work. An emotionally grounding experience for skin that has never felt silkier.

Intensely Cleansing Salt Scrub





Choose from the Lime & Ginger or Frangipani fragrance. The extraordinary cleansing power of salt goes to work releasing toxins in this body polishing treatment. The fragranced salt of your choice will gently slough away dead skin cells, encouraging the regeneration of new cells and perfectly prepping the skin. It leaves a smooth and responsive canvas, ready to absorb the deeply nourishing body oil. Delivers velvety soft, invigorated skin. Includes a mini facial

Thousand Flower Detox Wrap


Enriched by Somerset soil, packed with tree, flower and grass rich nutrients, this treatment provides super skin health and powerful detoxification helping stimulate the elimination process and restore equilibrium. Omega-rich Green Tea seed oil is massaged into the skin followed by a Thousand Flower, vitamin-packed, super nutritious earth wrap encouraging the body to surrender its toxins. A nourishing Green Tea balm, rich in minerals, proteins and Omegas (the superfoods of the skin) is the final touch leaving you feeling completely reinvigorated
and the body firing on all cylinders.

6for5 offer.png

Targeted Toning Tightener

from  £60.00

Tightening and toning are the pillars of this treatment. A powerful blend of salts, minerals and seaweeds work together to target cellulite and poor skin tone on hips, thighs, abdomen and backs of arms. Nigari salt deeply cleanses, followed by a targeted sculpting massage to kick-start the micro-circulation, promoting a smoother silhouette and invigorating the entire body.

A cooling rubberised mask, rich in super-detoxing caffeine and green clay is applied to problem areas whilst clinically proven Red Algae redefines areas prone to sagging. The result is a targeted body airbrush and skin that looks and feels intensely toned and refreshed. Choose a localised treatment of arms, hip & thighs and / or abdomen.

Hands and Feet

Best Foot Forward  


Take a load off with this foot-focused tension releaser. Lower legs and feet are thoroughly exfoliated, moisturised with our Elemis no1 Frangipani oil, intensive mask, and Milk bath whilst leaving them in heated boots to soak the goodness in. To finish you will receive a relaxing leg and  foot massage.
(£25 if added onto a pedicure)

Garden of England Rose Restore Hand Treatment 


Hand massages are amazingly relaxing, and this is the last word in conditioning, restorative, anti-ageing hand treatments. Targeting age spots and dryness, you’ll float out with the softest little paws and blissed-out smile on your face. This treatment is ideal to add with your manicure treatment. (£25 if added onto manicure)



Peaceful Pregnancy Massage


This unique pregnancy 60 minute massage is a profoundly nurturing and tranquil oasis. Mothers-to-be are lulled and restored to optimism wellness. An intuitive, sensitive and relaxing massage hydrates and moisturises skin that is expanding to accommodate
a growing baby. Only nurturing aromatics are imparted - along with wisdom, empathy and respect. Whilst finishing the treatment with 15mins mother and baby time to relax and have some one-on-one time. 

Please see Page 30 in our Packages section for our special Mum to be offer

Peaceful Pregnancy Face and Body Experience


The beautifully reviving facial and specially formulated massage take care of all your skin’s needs during pregnancy. Gently addresses any visible effects of hormonal changes on the skin and accommodates your baby. Taking care of your ever-changing needs at this very special time. Just nurture, nourishment and tranquillity. Whilst finishing the treatment with 15mins mother and baby time to relax and have some one-on-one time. 

Please see Page 30 in our Packages section for our special Mum to be offer

Mother to Be Package Offer


Award winning therapy that’s good for you and your baby from the first trimester. This unique therapy helps to revive back tension, swollen hands and feet. This massage for each stage of pregnancy that eases the mind and lifts spirits is then followed by a CND Shellac Pedicure. We know at certain stages of pregnancy how nice it is for someone else to pamper your feet or if you can no longer reach them. Let us revive your tired feet and make them feel weightless again. Choose from our extensive range of colours, glitters, chromes and stamps.

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