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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Dermaplaning?
In short, dermaplaning is an intensive exfoliating treatment that removes dead skin and vellus hair (peach fuzz) with the help of a small scalpel. A blow LTD therapist with specialist training will carefully angle the scalpel and slowly move it across your skin,  removing dead cells, scar tissue, and other impurities that could be making your skin's surface appear uneven.  Each time you have a dermaplaning service it removes 2-3 weeks' worth of dead skin cells. Think exfoliation (but on steroids!).


What are the benefits of ‘shaving’ your face aka dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning effectively removes dead skin cells which over time clog up your pores resulting in uneven skin and comedones (whiteheads and blackheads). Removing dead skin cells unclogs pores, helps prevent acne and evens out your skin tone. It also stimulates collagen production, softens the appearance of lines, reduces dryness, boosts blood circulation, and allows skincare to penetrate deeper and more effectively in the weeks to come.


Why remove vellus hair (peach fuzz)?

I know what you’re thinking...should women really shave their faces? But the answer is yes! Facial hair known as Vellus hair can exacerbate a build-up of oil and grime on your skin, resulting in clogged pores and a dull appearance. By removing this very fine “peach fuzz’, your skin will instantly feel and appear smoother and brighter. It may sound scary, but removing this hair does not mean it will grow back thicker or darker. Vellus hair is very fine, soft, and thin so there will be no impact on how it looks when it grows back. What you will be left with is super smooth skin, creating the perfect base for skincare and makeup. 

Does dermaplaning hurt, and is it safe?

Dermaplaning is completely safe when performed by a trained professional. All blow LTD  therapists are vetted and certified in dermaplaning. Although a surgical blade is used during the service this is a non-invasive treatment and is pain-free. You will only feel a little pressure and coolness from the blade as it glides across your skin. Unlike deep exfoliation treatments such as facial peels, there is no downtime needed post service. The only thing we recommend is to keep the skin hydrated and (like always) wear a high factor SPF.

How often can you have a dermaplaning procedure?

Dermaplaning is recommended no more than every 3-4 weeks. Everyone’s skin is different so your aesthetician will be able to help you with a personal schedule that suits your skin type.


What skin type is best for Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is suitable for most skin types but is particularly effective for anyone experiencing dull or dry skin, or has concerns about hyperpigmentation, fine lines, uneven skin, or acne scarring. However, we do not recommend the treatment if you have ultra-sensitive skin (rosacea or keratosis pilaris) as it could irritate your skin. Our therapists will always carry out a full consultation before beginning the treatment so you can relax knowing you’re in the safest possible hands. 


Is professional dermaplaning worth it?

Yes, although you can buy tools to do a DIY dermaplaning service at home we would always recommend you book a professional. This is an expert skincare procedure that requires professional training. Our blow LTD therapists will always prep and treat the skin to ensure long-lasting results.  A licensed professional uses a surgical blade that is sharper and more precise than an at-home tool so professional dermaplaning will always deliver the best finish as well as being the safest method.

Can I book the Dermaplaning as a stand-alone service?
We recommend booking dermaplaning as part of a facial service - to enhance the benefits of thorough cleansing, massage, and moisturizing, leaving you with truly glowing skin. Why not get the full works with a Million Dollar Facial that includes dermaplaning and micro-needling, lymphatic drainage as well as all the benefits of a classic facial. Like to know more?

What is Microneedling?

A real powerhouse for results. Microneedling also known as dermarolling, or skin needling is an advanced clinical treatment designed for

instant skin rejuvenation aka super glowing skin. 


The procedure works by using sterile micro-needles that gently prick the skin, to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer and more toned skin. 

What are the benefits of Microneedling?

Microneedling creates tiny punctures that are only skin-deep, however, the body naturally responds to these as if they were wounds by sending healing factors that boost skin strength, radiance, and health. The process results in numerous benefits from improving and treating conditions such as acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and pigmentation.

What happens during a microneedling service?

After a consultation, your spa-trained therapist will use a combination of Million Dollar Facial products and a sterile micro-needle dermaroller to prick your skin, encouraging your body to repair the damage through increased production of collagen. Your spa-trained therapist will complete your service by applying Million Dollar Facial serum and SPF to lock in instant results with ongoing benefits.


Does microneedling hurt?

The prospect of multiple needle incisions on the face may sound ominous to you but there is nothing to be frightened of. The diameter of the needles is tiny (we’re talking between 0.2-2mm) and only pin-prick the skin on a surface level so there is little pain or discomfort. 


How often can you have microneedling?

We recommend booking every 4 to 6 weeks. For optimal results, a course of 4 to 6 treatments is advised.  It’s very important to let the skin go through its healing cycle of 28 days, so it is not advised to book more frequently than this. 

Can all skin types have Microneedling?

The procedure is considered safe for most skin types and people who are in overall good health. However, we do not recommend it for people with certain pre-existing medical conditions or for women who are pregnant. 


Can Microneedling be booked on its own?

We recommend booking Microneedling as part of a facial service - to enhance the benefits of thorough cleansing, massage, and moisturising, leaving you with radiant skin. Treat yourself to the full works with The Million Dollar Facial that includes micro-needling, dermaplaning, and lymphatic drainage as well as all the benefits of a classic facial.

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